Solace for the underprevileged Lohana family of Ghogha region
Sheth Shri Khimji Bhagwandas Khandhedia (Dhabliwala)
Guardian Angel of the underprivileged
The founder of "Khimji Bhagwandas Charity Trust" having enduring and abundant funds.

Khimjibapa was born in the beginning of nineteenth century at Bhavnagar in the family of Bhagwandasbhai Khandhedia. Financial condition of the family being poor,he could not pursue higher studies.


He migrated to Mumbai to earn living where he entered into the business of selling blankets, under the guidance of friends and relatives. Luck favoured profusely and he earned well in those days. Godess Laxmi blessed him. He married with Manekbai from Mumbai.

  In the year 1885, Khimjibapa donated Rs. One Lac for the benefit and betterment of the Ghoghari Lohana community.  

The caretakers at that time, acquired a property admeasuring some forty two thousand square yards, on Heins Road in Mumbai which is now known as Tulsi Pipe road in Worli area. They also bought a land admeasuring about eight hundred sixty sq. yards, on the banks of river Godavari in Nashik and built a Dharmashala for the community members to facilitate them for religious functions and pilgrimage.


For the better and proper management of the properties and funds the erstwhile caretakers established the “ Khimji Bhagwandas Charity Trust”.


The vast property in Mumbai was given on long lease in 1889, as per available records. That lease deed expired in 1988 and to take back the possession of the property, recourse courts of law had to be taken. In the year 2006 the lease was renewed. However due to non payment of lease rent the lease was terminated again and the eviction procedure is pending in the court.


As the Dharmashal at Nashik, got dilapidated over the period of time, the present trustees Shri Satishbhai Vithalani, Shri Kanubhai Magdani, invested considerable time and efforts to build a modern sanatorium having four floors with two air conditioned banquet halls of about 4000 square feet each and 14 air conditioned rooms for the benefit of the community. This sanatorium was dedicated to the community on 29th April, 2012.


The trust, which came into being because of love abound of Sheth Khimjibapa for the community and by his endowment in 1885, has now considerable fund, properties and corpus.


Under the auspices of this trust, medical, economical and educational aids are provided with the fraternal spirit, to numerous downtrodden families of the community.


With the establishment of the new sanatorium at the sacred and spectacular city of Nasik, there comes into existence a unique edifice for our brethren and our community gets a splendid gift.


Undoubtedly, for centuries to come, the fruits of the seeds which were sown by immense affection of Seth Khimjibapa, will act as stitch in time for the underprivileged of our community.


All Ghoghari Lohana families salute this great soul for his noble sentiment toward the community.


(Note: Information about Khimjibapa and the events, have been gathered from various elderly people and based on that this tribute is published)